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What is ServiceM8?


Service  M8  is  the  app  for  trades  and  services  businesses.  Take  

control  and  work  smarter  with  real-time  communication  between  

your  office,  field  staff  and  customers.


Win more work

With  professional  quotes  and  better  

communication,  you’ll  win  more  new  

work  and  earn  repeat  customers.


Complete more work


On  average  businesses  using  ServiceM8  

complete  30%  more  work  in  the  first  3  



Get paid faster

Produce  professional  invoices  in  

seconds  and  even  take  payment  

before  you  leave  the  job.


How We Can Help


Assess if Service M8 is Right for Your Business

Service M8 is great for some businesses but will not necessarily be the fit for all, so the first thing to do is assess what you do and how you work to see if it's the right solution for your business.

Set Up the System

Analyse your business requirements and set up Service M8 ready for you to use.

Using a Certified Partner can speed up your learning curve, otherwise you may spend months with trial and error changing settings. 

Extend the System

Service M8 has many add-on features that enable additional features within the system as well as 

integration with other software packages including MYOB, Xero, Mailchimp and Stripe (for credit card payments).

Train Your Staff

It is essential for each user to understand how to use Service M8. Training can be provided for office staff on the desktop version as well as operational staff on the IOS App.

Support Your Business Beyond Set Up

Having a safety net of someone to call on whilst you are adapting to Service M8, from simple telephone queries to fine tuning the system setup or adding new features.

My Experience

I have been working with Service M8 for 4+ years and have extensive experience with understanding business requirements, system set up, quote/work order/invoice template customisation, custom form creation, integration with accounting systems and problem solving.

It's free to find out further information so contact us now.